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Rep. Duncan Hunter, left, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, pictured during a House Armed Services Committee hearing. (Carol T. Powers/The New York Times)

Making a point

House Committee approves measure requiring women to register for draft

By WITW Staff on April 28, 2016

On Wednesday, The House Armed Services Committee approved a measure that would require women to register for the military draft by a 32-30 vote, a move in response to the Pentagon’s decision to lift gender restrictions on all military units. The amendment had been proposed by Duncan Hunter, a Republican representative and former Marine from California, who opposes the Pentagon’s decision and was hoping to spark a discussion about this, by arguing that while opening special ops and infantry positions to women, they had failed to consider whether this should also mean women should be include in a (potential) draft from now on.  “I think we should make this decision,” he said. “It’s the families that we represent who are affected by this.”

Having made his point, Hunter actually ended up voting against his own amendment and trying to convince other members of Congress to do the same — by graphically describing the ways a draft would be putting women in harm’s way. His plan failed however — with Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier supporting his measure as she argued that full equality between men and women meant being “willing to support a universal conscription”, and Republican Rep. Martha McSally pointing out that a draft would not necessarily mean sending women to the frontlines — as there would be many non-combat positions for them to take up. The House of Representatives is now expected to consider the bill soon.

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