Headless Hollywood

Movie posters under fire for leaving off women’s faces

(images sourced from tumblr)

The women of Hollywood have long been judged on their beautiful faces, but a new blog points out just how often women’s faces are completely ignored – or erased – from the industry’s marketing materials. The Headless Women of Hollywood Tumblr posts dozens of movie posters, old and new, in which women’s bodies have been completely cut off. They focus instead on legs, torsos, and cleavage. And lest you think it’s an uncommon or specifically R-rated tactic, the array of movie titles that employ the “headless female” are surprisingly familiar and include G-rated movies. Some of the movie posters currently on the page are Minions, The Graduate, Austin Powers Goldmember, and Secretary.

“It’s a truly amazing time to be a headless female body part in Hollywood!” the page says mockingly in its introduction. “Here’s to all the people who help make it happen.”

Comedian Marcia Belsky started the page to bring attention to “the practice of fragmenting, fetishizing, and dehumanizing the images of women we see.”

“The overwhelming presence of these headless women in the images we see both perpetuate and is symptomatic of the overall idea that women exist primarily for the sexual pleasure and purpose of men,” Belsky says in her profile.

Read the full story at The Telegraph and see the movie posters at Tumblr.

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