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(Ketevan Kardava/ Facebook)

Shell shocked

Indian flight attendant from iconic Brussels attack photo awakes from coma

By WITW Staff on April 26, 2016

Nidhi Chaphekar, the 42-year old Indian air hostess who could be seen in one of the most iconic photos of the Brussels attacks last March, as she sat covered in blood and dust, visibly shocked after two bombs had gone off in the airport, has woken up from her coma. The mother of two spent 25 days in a medically induced coma in a Brussels hospital after she had fractured her foot and suffered 15 percent burns on her body. Her husband Rupesh was waiting by her bedside as she woke up: “She opened her eyes, looked up at me and just smiled. I assured her that everything would be fine now. She has also spoken to our children over phone,” he told the Daily Mail. “She has an idea that she has been sleeping for a while, but she may not know the number of days that have passed. We are not discussing the blast with her.”

The Jet Airways hostess from Mumbai, India is responding well to her treatment, but her husband added that while most minor surgeries had been performed, there is no clear picture on how long her treatment would take.  She had been working for Jet Airways for 15 years and had just arrived at the departures terminal for her flight to Newark, N.J. The photograph, taken by Georgian journalist Ketevan Kardava quickly went viral on social media, with people tweeting support with the #PrayForNidhi hashtag.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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