“I hope your boyfriend beats you”: Men read awful tweets about female sportswriters

Internet trolls often reserve some of their most foul vitriol for females, anonymously threatening women with sexual assault, beatings, and murder. Much of it goes unchecked. Sportswriters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro joined up with the folks behind the Just Not Sports podcast to highlight just some of the bile they receive for doing their jobs in the hopes people will take online harassment more seriously.

Just Not Sports recruited unsuspecting men to sit eye-to-eye with the women and read a sampling of awful tweets directed at them.

DiCaro told Jezebel that the men were definitely not the people who’d written the tweets, nor were they prepared for how difficult it would be to say them aloud. Most were visibly uncomfortable with the task and several were nearly moved to tears.

“I hope you get raped again,” one read to DiCaro, a rape survivor.

“This is why we don’t hire any females unless we need our c***s sucked or our food cooked,” was also directed at DiCaro.

“I hope your boyfriend beats you,” one read to Spain.

“I’m having trouble looking at you when I’m saying these things,” one man said in his own voice before reading the tweet “Sarah Spain is a b***h I would hate f**k.”

“It serves as proof most sports fans would NEVER say these things to another person – so we shouldn’t type this garbage, either,” wrote Just Not Sports.

Spain writes for espnW, can be heard on ESPN radio, and is seen on SportsCenter. DiCaro is also a writer and anchors a program on Chicago sports radio.

DiCaro told Jezebel she hopes the video will prompt Twitter to take online threats more seriously, writing that “you can only ignore so much of it for so long. It’s not just mean, it’s harassment. If it happened in real life people would be in jail for harassment and stalking.”

Spain and DiCaro invite people to join the conversation at #MoreThanMean.

Read the full story at Jezebel.


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