“Transgender Yoda”

Caitlyn Jenner’s friend and mentor Jenny Boylan says Jenner still has a lot to learn

Jennifer Finney Boylan with Caitlyn Jenner. (E! Online)

Caitlyn Jenner has invited the world to watch her as she learns about and becomes an active member of the transgender community. But Jenner’s mentor, Jenny Boylan, says her friend still has a long way to go. Boylan told Oprah in a “Where Are They Now?” interview that Jenner still needs “to learn about what transgender people’s lives are like, lives of people other than herself.”

“One thing about living on top of a mountain in Malibu, it’s kind of a bubble up there,” she said.

Boylan has made frequent appearances on Jenner’s reality show, “I Am Cait,” and said she feels like Jenner’s “transgender Yoda.”

In addition to learning more about other transgender individuals’ lives and struggles, Boylan hopes Jenner’s journey can include a time where she can focus on who she is away from the spotlight and the Hollywood focus on beauty.

“She lives in a culture now where there’s a lot of hair and makeup and being pretty,” she said. “And I’m afraid she lives in a place where she won’t ever be able to celebrate something other than how you look.”

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