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Bill Cosby’s appeal rejected, will face trial over 2004 sexual assault case


A Pennsylvania appeals court on Monday decided to throw out Bill Cosby’s appeal in a criminal sexual assault case over a 2004 encounter, during which he allegedly drugged and raped a Temple University employee, Andrea Constand. Cosby, 78, had tried to have the case thrown out based on a decade-old deal, where prosecutor Bruce Castor had promised not to prosecute him if he agreed to testify in the woman’s civil lawsuit. In this testimony, which led to a new prosecutor arresting Cosby last year, the disgraced comedian admitted to having several affairs and giving quaaludes to women in order to “seduce” them, but also claimed he only engaged in consensual sex with Constand. Now that the court has decided to let the case proceed, the district attorney will ask the court to set a date for a preliminary hearing, while Cosby’s lawyers are weighing whether to appeal again to the state supreme court. Cosby has been out on a $1m bail since his December 30 arrest in this case. While dozens of women have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Cosby in recent years, because of the statute of limitations, this is the only one to result in criminal charges so far.

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