Women in Mexico use social media to protest gender-based violence

Women shout slogans during the "National Mobilization Against Sexist Violence" rally in Mexico City, on April 24, 2016. (YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Women’s rights supporters—operating under the umbrella movement “Nos Queremos Vivas,” or “We Want To Stay Alive”—took to the streets on April 24 to protest rampant gender-based violence in the State of Mexico, a sprawling region that surrounds Mexico City. The campaign has also unleashed a series of images on Twitter, which highlight the harassment, abuse, and hostility that women face in Mexico on a daily basis. One graphic, for example, shows a series of tombstones engraved with phrases like, “She was a whore” and “She dressed provocatively.” Another depicts a woman walking down the street, with a series of men shouting sexual phrases at her. And yet another simply shows a woman embracing a little girl. “If you stand up for yourself,” reads the caption, “you stand up for us all.”

See more images and read the full story at USA Today.

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