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“The worst thing ever to happen to women’s undergarments … and possibly humanity”


A new type of underwear called a C-string is being sold on Amazon for $2.24 with free shipping, but even at this discount price online reviewers are saying not to “waste your money.” The new undergarment resembles a padded headband in appearance, covers about as much skin as a napkin, and clamps to one’s undercarriage with a combination of fabric and bendy wire. The C-string is advertised as a solution to the “problem” of the Visible Panty Line — a phenomenon in which the outline of a woman’s underwear becomes visible through tight clothing.

And while some women, including former Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, have admitted that they may resort to G-strings or even go commando to escape this fashion faux-pas, whether that justifies the existence of the C-string remains a matter of debate. A BuzzFeed review declares that “the C-string makes the average G-string look like granny undies.” However, not everyone is convinced of its supposed greatness. As one online reviewer put it, the C-string may be “the worst thing ever to happen to women’s undergarments … and possibly humanity.”

Read the full story at News.com.au.


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