New erotic novel puts “Fifty Shades of Grey” to shame

Author L.S. Hilton with her erotic thriller "Maestra." (YouTube)

An erotic novel that hit bookshelves this week is so naughty that one review declares it makes Fifty Shades of Grey “look like the Bible.” L.S. Hilton’s Maestra is loaded with graphic sex and a few murders to boot, but it intentionally lacks one literary ingredient that Fifty Shades employed: romance.

Fifty Shades is a Cinderella story,” Hilton declared in an interview with The New York Post. Hilton’s book spins the tale of Judith Rashleigh, an assistant at a London art house who, after a devastating professional outcome, goes on the run and galavants through Europe having sex with strangers — often during orgies. “She’s interested in sex, not men,” Hilton says of her randy protagonist. “The men are mostly incidental.” And disposable. Judith kills a few of them along the way.

Hilton says Judith is much more than just a saucy character devised to make books fly off shelves. A focus group she said her publisher commissioned revealed that young women who read the book found Judith to be empowering. “I don’t think she’s a weaponized feminist icon, but she represents the anger of the millennial generation,” Hilton said of how her character is being perceived.

You’re welcome for the summer reading tip.

Read the full story at The New York Post.


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