Meet the 24-year-old women streamlining the construction industry

Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake.(Facebook)

Since their college years at Western University in Canada, Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake have been working together to make the construction industry run more smoothly. The pair of 24-year-olds are from families with ties to the industry, so they were well-versed in the dynamic nature of such projects.

“With so many moving parts on a job site, so much can go wrong,” Brodie told Forbes. They built Bridgit, a web and mobile platform that launched in 2014, to digitize document tracking — a virtual “punch list” to keep the construction site on task. After their latest $1.7 million round of funding, the pair employs 17 people — 50 percent of whom are women, including engineers — and gained a win at Google’s primer Demo Day for women entrepreneurs.

For years, they researched by “crane hunting” across Ontario and talking to workers — mostly male builders, supervisors and contractors — about their day-to-day job frustrations. “They weren’t surprised that we were women,” Brodie said. “They were surprised that anyone at all was coming to help them with their everyday life. They were very open to it — and open to referring us.”

Read the full story at Forbes.

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