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Prince performs during half-time February 4, 2007 at Super Bowl XLI at in Miami. (AFP PHOTO/Jeff HAYNES)


Influential women react to unexpected death of Prince

By WITW Staff on April 21, 2016

Music legend Prince was found dead at his Minnesota estate and recording studio on Thursday. He was 57. Apart from news that Prince’s private plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to an extreme illness last week, news of his death was unexpected and sent shockwaves rippling through all corners of American culture. Many influential women took to Twitter to express their surprise and grief at the sad news of Prince’s death. Of course, many of the women paying tribute on Twitter, like Missy Elliott, Courtney Love and Kerry Washington, are from the music and entertainment industries, but some influential women far-removed from the music world, like Cecile Richards and Chelsea Clinton chimed in to pay their respects to the songwriter and impresario. Below are some of the women we noticed posted their sympathies on Twitter.