#wheniwas hashtag provides window into women’s experiences with sexual harassment

On Tuesday, the Everyday Sexism Project asked its Twitter followers “to share experiences and reveal just how early sexism, harassment, sexual violence & discrimination start.” The results were dismaying. Using the hashtag #wheniwas, women began posting about incidents of harassment and abuse that they’d experienced at jarringly young ages. The call to action was instantly met with an overwhelming response — by Tuesday afternoon more than 20,000 women had weighed in with their brief stories of abuse and harassment. The experiences women shared ranged from casual sexism to downright disgusting and illegal sexual assault. Here are a few examples of the types of stories women shared:

Another theme that emerged in many tweets was one of being ignored. Many women mentioned having told adults about the abuse only to have their claims simply brushed aside.

Everyday Sexism posted another tweet later in the day after thousands had weighed in. “So often women and girls are dismissed, ignored or disbelieved. 20,000 stories on #WhenIwas prove we’re not ‘overreacting’ or ‘making it up,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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