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TV presenter Tara Brown is escorted from court on April 18, 2016 in Beirut, Lebanon. (Photo by Diego Ibarra Sanchez/Getty Images)

Charges dropped

Deal struck in Beirut “child abduction” case, Australian mother forfeits custody

April 20, 2016

Kidnapping charges against Australian mother Sally Faulkner and the television crew that accompanied her to Lebanon, led by 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown, have been dropped. Faulkner has reportedly relinquished custody of her children.

The father of the children at the center of the dispute, Ali el-Amien, has said he would be open to allowing the children to travel to Australia and see their mother, but not in the short term. The children never returned to Australia from Lebanon, after a holiday with their father in 2015.


Faulkner and Brown arrived at Beirut’s Palace of Justice with their hands cuffed together in front of them to hear the verdict on the kidnapping case. Faulkner and el-Amien and their children — aged 6 and 3 — will meet with Judge Abdullah on Thursday.

A total of seven people were jailed after the botched abduction plot was foiled two weeks ago, with the fate of the men who took the child from the street on behalf of their mother still uncertain.

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