Dangerous Love

China issues posters warning women to beware of dating foreign spies


A cartoon poster titled “Dangerous Love,” issued by the Chinese government on the occasion of National Security Education Day is telling young female state workers to make sure they are not seduced by handsome men who might turn out to be foreign spies. In a 16-panel cartoon, which reads like a low-rent John Le Carre novel, naive civil servant “Little Li” meets and falls in love with the dreamy foreigner “David,” who claims to be a visiting scholar. As this red-headed dreamboat showers her with gifts and romantic walks in the park, he ends up convincing her to share secret documents from her job at the propaganda office — until the pair finally get arrested. The poster is targeted at rank-and-file state employees and has shown up on bulletin boards across several government offices. According to a statement by a Beijing district government, the poster is designed to educate employees on the importance of keeping classified information confidential and familiarize them with counter-espionage methods.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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