“Clear on consent”

Trojan Condoms launches consent awareness campaign on college campuses

(Trojan Condoms)

(Trojan Condoms)

Trojan Condoms has teamed up with the organization Advocates for Youth to launch a national consent awareness campaign on college campuses, The Huffington Post reports. Trojan has provided 100 college students with toolkits containing educational postcards, laptop stickers, temporary tattoos, and posters bearing slogans like, “A slurred yessh doesn’t mean yes: be clear on consent.” The campaign also asks students to sign a pledge to “make sure consent is always given and received before and during sexual activity.” Thus far, some 3,700 people have taken the pledge. “Young people want to have open and honest conversations about sex and sexuality,” Julia Reticker-Flynn of Advocates for Youth said in a statement. “And consent is an essential part of that conversation.” A list of colleges taking part in the campaign can be found right here.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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