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Scotland to introduce ‘baby boxes’ to address infant poverty

A Finnish Baby Box. (Facebook)

In a bid to reduce inequality, all babies in Scotland are to be presented with a Nordic-style “baby box,” lauded as being instrumental in reducing cot death in Finland. The boxes are typically stocked with clothing, diapers and toys, as well as a mattress, so it can be used as a crib for a newborn. Parents will be advised to let babies sleep on their backs in the boxes in the same room as them, and will also receive advice and information on their employment, maternity and paternity rights.

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon said: “By providing every newborn with a baby box we can help child health — and by providing greater support to a new family we will also help tackle child poverty and improve the chances of some of our most deprived children.”

The SNP has also proposed £600 ($851) maternity grant to low-income mothers, with additional payments once children start pre-K.


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