Helping others, period.

Two young sisters are helping disadvantaged women get the tampons they need


Sisters Emma and Quinn Joy want to help women in need. Period.

The New Jersey girls have started a non-profit to collect and distribute tampons and pads to “underprivileged women get the products they need,” Emma, 15, told The Huffington Post. The organization is called Girls Helping Girls. Period.

“Girls and women do not go to school and work when they’re on their periods because they don’t have the support they need,” Emma said.

The girls planned mother-and-daughter tea parties and Zumba classes in which participants would bring a box of tampons or pads the girls would then ensure would get to women who otherwise couldn’t afford them. They aim to ensure that every girl or woman they help gets a year’s supply of period supplies.

“When we give out these boxes of tampons and pads we get great responses,” Quinn said. “And hugs, lot of hugs.”

The girls said it’s their mission to make sure that everywhere they go, they let people know how to help spread the word that tampons and pads are something that women really need.

Watch the full video at The Huffington Post.

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