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Female employees save their companies millions on travel

A woman walks with her baggage at Hong Kong International Airport. (REUTERS/Victor Fraile)

According to a new study published in the Harvard Business Review, female business travelers are saving their companies millions, because they are better at planning ahead.

A team of researchers from different universities, working for corporate-travel firm Carson Wagonlit Travel looked at a 2014 database of 6.4 million flight bookings, and found that women booked their flights on average two days earlier than men. They also spent an average of $113 less than men per flight, although that number does not account for factors such as the route, class, or date of travel. But when those factors were taken into account, women’s superior planning skills still saved their company $17 per trip, a 2 percent saving. While that might not sound too impressive, the study points out that for a multinational company with 21,000 travelers each year, that actually extra days can yield $1 million in savings. The reasons for this “gender travel gap” aren’t entirely clear, although the researchers hypothesize that it might have something to do with the fact that women report higher stress when traveling, and so anticipating this, they “tend to be more organized in an effort to offset their anticipated travel stress,” even though “typical technology usage patterns” could be a factor too.

Read the full story at Harvard Business Review.

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