Idle women

Women-only arts center to travel around UK on barge

In an effort to address “the urgent need for women’s space,” a new women-only arts center will travel the United Kingdom’s canals on a converted barge as part of The Idle Women Project. The project, put together by caretakers Rachel Anderson and Cis O’Boyle, and funded by the U.K.’s Art Council, centers around the Selina Cooper, a renovated narrowboat with a living area and arts space that will travel the canals for the next two years.

“Women feel, on a daily level, really hassled by patriarchy and the system, and sometimes it’s just a joy to get a break from men,” says visual artist Martina Mullaney. “…It’s a luxury to think ‘while I’m on this boat, I put the outside world aside.'” Mullaney is the first of seven artists-in-residence who will be living on the Selina Cooper as it spends the next two years travelling around Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and West Yorkshire. The arts center will work with women’s groups where it moors, and all women are invited to visit and treat it as a “space for women to use in a way that they want to or need to.”

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