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FDNY Heroes calendar expands to include women, EMTS and paramedics


The annual “Calendar of Heroes” released by New York’s fire department will feature 12 women of the FDNY this year, NBC reported this week. One side of the reversible calendar will continue its portrayal of shirtless male firefighters, while the other will feature women, who are pictured in tank tops. For the first time, paramedics and EMTs are also included, the department said.

“Women are multi-faceted,” said Jackie-Michelle Martinez, a 10-year veteran of the department who is pictured in the calendar holding an axe. “We’re strong … we’re motherly … we have our soft sides. But the calendar is not taking any of our strength away. It only enhances it. It’s a powerful thing for young girls passing by to see strong women that can do the same thing as a man and still be feminine.”

A woman first appeared in the Calendar of Heroes in 2014, when Danae Mines — one of only 41 female firefighters at the time — successfully auditioned for the 2015 calendar.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said this year’s calendar is the first that “truly represents all of our heroes — the men and women who risk their lives as firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics every day to keep New York City safe.”

Read the full city at New York Daily News and NBC.

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