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(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Hillary Clinton criticizes media for ignoring reproductive rights in debates

By WITW Staff on April 15, 2016

During Thursday’s debate in Brooklyn, the ninth meeting between the Democratic presidential aspirants, Hillary Clinton criticized debate moderators for once again failing to ask a single question about abortion or women’s reproductive rights. Clinton pivoted away from a question about the Supreme Court to call out the media’s oversight: “We’ve had eight debates before; this is our ninth. We’ve not had one question about a woman’s right to make her own decisions about reproductive health care — not one question,” the Democratic frontrunner said.  “And in the meantime we have states, governors doing everything they can to restrict women’s rights. We have a presidential candidate by the name of Donald Trump saying that women should be punished. And we are never asked about this.”

Clinton also went after Sanders because he had suggested in a Rachel Maddow interview that while Trump’s comments on women deserving “some kind of punishment” for getting an abortion were shameful, the media focused too much on his “stupid, absurd” remarks and needed to discuss the serious issues facing America. “Senator Sanders said with respect to Trump, it was a distraction,” she said in the debate. “I don’t think it’s a distraction. It goes to the heart of who we are as women.” Sanders defended himself by touting his strong record on reproductive rights and claiming he would take on the Republican governors “trying to restrict a woman’s right to choose” if he became president. On Twitter, many people continued the discussion with the hashtag #AskAboutAbortion arguing that Clinton was right on calling out the media for ignoring what they consider one of the defining issues in the 2016 election.

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