Gender parity

Which U.S. cities rank highest and lowest for women?

Sacramento, California. (Sacramento Real Estate Photographers/Flickr)

A new report from McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) reports that in 2025, the United States could add up to $4.3 trillion in annual GDP if women were to reach full gender parity at work and in society. A breakdown by Quartz of the data, studying 50 major metro cities, shows that some regions are better off than others, with Sacramento, California at the top of the list. At the bottom falls Bridgeport, Connecticut. Cities that hold 56 percent of America’s total female population were examined.

MGI calculated the “city parity score” by factoring the number of women in technical jobs, managerial positions, the rate of teen pregnancies and incidents of rape. What gave Sacramento the highest score — 0.856 — was a high ratio of female to male mayors, a metric that also brought Baltimore, Maryland above other cities to second place.

Read the full report at McKinsey or see a breakdown by city at Quartz.

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