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Marina Lonina is accused of filming her boyfriend sexually assaulting a teenager. (Facebook)


Teen girl charged with livestreaming alleged rape on Periscope

By WITW Staff on April 14, 2016

Marina Lonina, 18, of Ohio, has been accused of live-streaming her boyfriend raping a teenage girl, using Twitter’s live-streaming service Periscope. The incident took place in Columbus, Ohio on February 27 and was reported to the police by a third party claiming they had seen the live-stream. Lonina’s boyfriend, Raymond Gates, was charged with the sexual assault, and the couple now faces charges of rape, kidnapping, sexual battery as well as pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor.

While Lonina categorically denies all charges, according to her lawyer, it is unclear how Gates will plead. While Twitter declined to comment on the case, it has raised new questions about how live-streaming services could be abused to broadcast graphic content or crime. “The volume of content being created and uploaded every day is far too great to be regulated manually and automatic systems are simply too inaccurate to be practical,” Dr. Joss Wright from the Oxford Internet Institute told the BBC. “The internet has undoubtedly made this case worse for the alleged victim. But as with other real-world crimes, prevention is not always possible.”

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