Italian woman sought damages from ex-husband over lack of sex

A 50-year-old Italian woman, known only as “Anna” in the Italian press, has lost an 11-year battle with her ex-husband in which she sought $56,000 in moral damages based on her allegation that he never satisfied her sexually. Anna, who hails from Civitanova in the Marche region, first made the claim against her ex-husband, also 50, during divorce proceedings in 2004. Her initial claim was rejected by the court, but she appealed, saying her marriage ended precisely because of a lack of a conjugal sex. She said her husband had physical problems that prevented him from having sex, and during her appeal she even presented a certificate from her doctor that attested she was “essentially a virgin.”

Anna’s ex-husband denied the allegations, arguing that while he once had a minor anatomical problem, it was corrected years before the couple married. He further alleged that it was Anna who rejected his sexual overtures, due to her own personal problems with sex.

At an appeals court in Macerata last week, magistrates sided with the husband. They ruled there was no way to prove the husband ever refused sex, and that the husband’s sexual problems were countermanded by his going on to have two children after the divorce.

Read the full story at The Local.

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