Victim blaming?

Erykah Badu supports school telling teen girls to wear knee-length skirts

(Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

In a slightly bizarre Twitter rant, Erykah Badu expressed her support for a New Zealand school that had caused a controversy for telling teenage girls to only wear knee-length skirts in order not to distract the male students and teachers. The 45-year-old singer claimed that wearing longer skirts protects women from the “natural” desires of men, who are “automatically attracted to women from child-bearing age.”

“Males should be taught to be responsible for their actions from childhood. It’s not ok to ‘prey’ on young women,” the singer and mother wrote on Twitter.  “But do I think it is unnatural for a heterosexual male 2b attracted to a young woman in a revealing skirt? No. I think it is his nature. If I had a school I would make sure that the uniform skirt length was a nice knee length. It is fair to everyone … young women you are beautiful. Young men you are beautiful. Protect one another.”

Predictably, her comments sparked outrage on Twitter, with people accusing her of victim-blaming and normalizing the idea that adult men are sexually  attracted to teenage girls.

Read the full story at The Independent.


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