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Court bans mother from naming her daughter Cyanide


The Court of Appeal in Powys, Wales, has banned a mother from calling her baby Cyanide — a name she said was “lovely, pretty,” because of its positive association with Adolf Hitler’s suicide. She also chose the name Preacher for the girl’s twin brother, and said it was her human right to name her own children, the BBC reports.

The court heard the twins’ mother had a history of mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, and that social workers had taken the case to court when they learned of the names. In June, an injunction was issued, preventing the mother from formally registering the infants’ names. They have since been removed from her care.

Lady Justice King said the courts would intervene to prevent a parent naming a child “in only the most extreme cases.” She ruled that the twins’ older half-siblings should choose their names, noting that “even allowing for changes in taste, fashion and developing individual perception,” calling a girl after a “notorious poison” was not acceptable and ruled the “unusual” choices might harm the children.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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