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Sally Faulkner (Facebook)
Sally Faulkner (Facebook)


Botched “kidnapping” lands Australian mother and TV crew in Lebanese prison

By WITW Staff on April 14, 2016

An Australian mother is alleged to have hired a team, using $115,000 in funds from Australia’s Channel Nine, to kidnap her two young children from their Lebanese father, who took them to Lebanon last May and did not return. The mother, Sally Faulkner of Brisbane, could be released on bail as early as Monday if a reconciliation agreement is reached with the children’s father, according to a judicial source with knowledge of the case. Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes TV crew, which was arrested in Beirut last week in connection with the case, may not be so lucky — the judge overseeing their case reportedly told them: “There is no way the charges will be dropped.”

Channel Nine’s funds are suspected to have been used to hire Adam Whittington, a former Scotland Yard detective turned “child recovery specialist.” Whittington, who has been described by a U.K. court as a “former mercenary,” allegedly travelled from Cyprus to Lebanon on a yacht in preparation for taking the children out of Lebanon. Faulkner’s lawyer is reported to have said that the children are likely to remain in their father’s custody in Lebanon under any deal that gets made.

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