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Pro choice supporters protest in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

The struggle

Women who miscarry in Northern Ireland could face abortion inquiries, warns trade union

April 13, 2016

After a woman was found guilty of procuring the abortion pill in Northern Ireland and sentenced to three months in jail, the nation’s largest trade union warned this week that all women who go to the hospital with miscarriages could be investigated.

The Guardian reported that Northern Ireland’s largest trade union, Unite, has come out in support of a woman’s right to choose and has called for an end to the criminalization of women who take the abortion pill.

“It’s not acceptable that women are being criminalized for making choices about when they have children. It’s not acceptable that it is legal to access abortion and purchase abortion pills in the rest of the U.K. but it is unlawful here in Northern Ireland,” said regional equality officer for Unite, Taryn Trainor. “Is it the case now that women are going to have to justify miscarriages in case anyone suspects they took abortion pills?”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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