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Syrian women walk in Aleppo. (John Cantlie/AFP/Getty Images)

Sex trafficking

Syrian women, promised jobs in Lebanon, jailed and forced into prostitution instead

By WITW Staff on April 13, 2016

In a case involving 75 female victims, Syrian women who were promised well-paid jobs in restaurants and hotels in Lebanon were locked up upon arrival in two hotels north of Beirut and forced into prostitution. Some of the women reported being forced to have sex with up to 20 clients a day, and those that refused to work as prostitutes were repeatedly raped and tortured until they submitted, according to Lebanese women’s rights activists. On March 27, Lebanese security forces raided the hotels, detaining eight guards and setting the women free from the Chez Maurice and Silver Hotel in Maamelteine. The three-story Chez Maurice had the look of a prison, with bars on the balconies and windows, and a whip lying visible on one of the guards’ tables.

The health ministry has also sealed a clinic belonging to gynecologist Riad al-Alam, who authorities say performed abortions for the trafficked women who got pregnant. The women have said they were not allowed to leave the clinic except to have an abortion. According to Maya al-Ammar, a women’s rights activist, some 200 abortions were carried out at the clinic.

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