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Today is “Equal Pay Day,” when women have finally earned what men did in 2015

Women rally for equal pay in Berlin. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Congratulations, hard-working women of the world. Today, April 12, marks the date of the year when, symbolically, women have finally caught up to what men in their positions earned last year. The extra 3.5 months represent how women make 79 cents for every dollar that men make.

“You can’t negotiate your way out of discrimination,” Lisa Maatz, vice president of government relations at the American Association of University Women, told USA Today.

Equal Pay Day is marked by protests, debate, and even 21 percent-off discounts to represent the pay gap between men and women, according to the story, though for some women the pay gap is even larger. African American women must wait until August 23 to match men’s pay from the previous year, while Native American women must wait until September 13, and Latina women won’t make up the difference until November 1.

To mark the day, Hillary Clinton joined a “virtual roundtable” discussion with Glassdoor, the job website that allows employees to post salary data, and U.S. Women’s National Soccer player Megan Rapinoe, who recently filed a formal complaint alleging that the women’s team is paid four times less than the men’s team.

Read the full story at USA Today.


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