Behind the scenes

Meet some of the amazing people who bring you the WITW Summit and website

Get a glimpse of the heart of the operation with a tour of the production office at the Summit — and see some of the faces behind the big event

If you attended the 7th Annual Women in the World Summit at the David H. Koch Theater in New York City or watched the live stream of the event on our website, you saw an extraordinary show. Over three days, influential women took the stage for a series of captivating discussions. But what you didn’t see was all of the hard work by the event’s producers and the website’s writers and editors that goes into making and covering such a complex production. To give a glimpse of the people working behind the scenes on the Summit, we did a Facebook Live tour of the production office in the bowels of the theater and talked with several producers and editors who make the show and the website come alive. In case you missed it, you can watch it below.

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