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Katie Couric backstage at Women in the World: “There’s a lot of estrogen in the room”

The famous TV anchor really worked the green room on opening night of the 7th Annual Summit

Katie Couric

Moments before Katie Couric sat down onstage at the 7th Annual Women in the World Summit on Wednesday to lead a gripping interview with Fox News star Megyn Kelly, she sat down with us in the WITW green room for a much more light-hearted conversation. Couric was accompanied backstage by her husband John Molner. “I always think John is very brave to come to an event like this,” Couric quipped, “because there’s a lot of estrogen in the room.” Couric added that she loves coming to the Summit year after year. “Tina does such an amazing job because she gets such an interesting cross-section of women in the world. It’s not super-focused on the United States,” she said. Indeed, the famed TV anchor then went on to work the green room, chatting with model Alek Wek and Indian journalist Barkha Dutt — and then ABC News anchor Juju Chang and a famous New York Times columnist made an appearance at the end. At one point, Molner made fun of Couric when she quoted Thomas Jefferson — much to her amusement. In case you missed it live, watch the full video below.

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