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(REUTERS/Bobby Yip)
(REUTERS/Bobby Yip)


Is this the future? Inventor creates robot that looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson

By WITW Staff on April 7, 2016

If the future is going to be filled with robots, some male inventors seem hellbent on ensuring those robots resemble beautiful women. A designer in Hong Kong made headlines Friday when he revealed that his new robot, called Mark 1, happened to look exactly like the actress Scarlett Johansson. Ricky Ma, the designer, spent more than $50,000 to construct the robot using his at-home 3D printer to create his at-home Scar-Jo look-alike. The replica, however, may be too creepy to withstand a legal challenge, according to at least one law professor.

“It being animate all of a sudden for some reason feels too invasive,” said Ryan Calo, a law professor at the University of Washington. “If [Ma] were to gain commercially in almost any way from this, and even arguably the notoriety he has gained from this, Scarlett Johansson could almost certainly sue him.”

Robot inventors have attempted to make their creations resemble beautiful women in the past. Samsung ran ads in the early 1990s showing a robot in a fancy dress and blonde wig that resembled Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White, who sued the company and won. Ohio State University law professor Margot Kaminski pointed out that the current slate of digital personal assistants, like Siri and Cortana, have women’s voices, and that “as robotics technology democratizes, we’ll see an increase in attempts to make your own personalized Kim Kardashian.”

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