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Working hard

9-year-old reporter scoops competition on murder case in her hometown

By WITW Staff on April 6, 2016

When entrepreneur Hilde Kate Lysiak founded the Orange Street News, the multimedia journalist had a simple mission: “I just like letting people know all the information,” she told The Washington Post this week. On Saturday, she put that mission into action when she began reporting on a local suspected murder case, beating out more established competitors with her scoop and the headline, “Exclusive! Murder on Ninth Street.” She posted a story and video from the crime scene, and promised readers that she was “working hard” on the investigation.

That Lysiak is only 9 years old didn’t seem to matter to her.

“I got a good tip from a source and I was able to confirm it,” she told the paper.

Lysiak and her parents faced some criticism on the Facebook page for the Orange Street News on Saturday night, but Lysiak remains undeterred. Her father, a former New York Daily News reporter, said “she’s really motivated.” The OSN racked up some 18,000 pageviews last month, and also has a print edition that can be mailed to subscribers for $10 a year.

Read the full story on The Washington Post.


Town’s only monthly newspaper is published by an 8-year-old girl