“My period is coming”

Polish women tweet their period pain in protest of PM’s support of abortion ban

People demonstrate against the Polish government's plans of tightening the abortion law. (REUTERS/Lukasz Kaminski/Agencja Gazeta)

Thousands of Polish women have taken to the streets in protest over the past week and launched an effort to inundate the prime minister’s office with tales of their period woes as a demonstration against PM Beata Szylo’s support of a complete abortion ban. The women are using the hashtag #TrudnyOkres, or #toughperiod, to rally supporters to call, write, and comment to Szylo’s office with stories of their menstrual pain, a move lifted from protesters in Indiana who were protesting Governor Mike Pence’s support of abortion restrictions.

“Because you are so concerned with Polish women’s uteruses, that you want to equip them with a police officer and a prosecutor… I will save you some trouble… and kindly inform you that my period is coming,” one protester wrote. “I should get it on Tuesday. At the moment, my boobs are aching, my legs and lower abdomen are swollen, and I have already eaten my chocolate Easter egg, as well as half of my husband’s.”

Women shared intimate details about their cycles’ length and regularity to highlight the government’s apparent interest in their bodies. Szylo announced her support of the ban, a citizens initiative that will be considered by lawmakers if it gets 100,000 signatures and which would mandate punishment for doctors and women who get abortions.

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