Breaking blonde

Feds say 3 women were leaders of Aryan brotherhood meth ring

39-year-old Courtney Crim-Gross (L) and 29-year-old Haley Still (R)

“It’s an unfortunate expression of girl power,” John Malcolm Bales, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, told reporters at a press conference as he laid out the details of an unusual bust in which authorities say they discovered a violent meth ring was led by a trio of blonde women. All in all, Bales said, officials made 17 arrests. The three accused leaders are 29-year-old Haley Still, 39-year-old Courtney Crim-Gross, and 36-year-old Gena Elizabeth Rowley. They stand accused of possessing and conspiring to distribute methamphetamine beginning in January 2014 and are also implicated in several execution-style murders. Authorities suggested that the suspects’ “girl power” was especially effective as the women were able to unite two highly-charged and opposing ideologies in pursuit of one cause: drug trafficking. Authorities allege that the trio’s drug ring included members of the Aryan Brotherhood and multiple African-American street gangs. If these ladies weren’t so nefarious, it might be worth putting them in a room with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. Who knows what type of deal they might be able to hammer out?

36-year-old Gena Elizabeth Rowley

36-year-old Gena Elizabeth Rowley

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