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Comedian’s “Women Over 40 Be Like” captures womanhood at a certain age

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Standup comedian Tyree Elaine of Los Angeles has made waves across the web with her 2-minute “Women Over 40 Be Like” video, finding fans in forty-plus women who relate to the bits’ refrain: “I am over 40 and I do not have time.”

“I told her to stop because I’m over 40 and I’m in a new season in my life,” she is shown saying into a cell phone in the video. To a school administrator on the other side of the line, she explains, “I’m not some young mother. I’m over 40, and I will come up to that school.” Elaine has released “Women Over 40 Be Like” parts one, two and three and the comedian hits the mark on so many realities faced by women of that age, it’s hard to believe she is only 29.

The Root spoke with Elaine, who has been performing stand-up for eight years. She was a finalist on “Last Comic Standing” in 2014 and said videos are “all about my mom.”

“I checked Facebook that morning and she had this ridiculously long update that just went on and on and on about turning 50 and what she was going to do in her fifties. And I’m thinking, so I’m gonna have to hear this for another ten years? The idea just hit me. I want to recap everything she said about her 40s,” she told The Root. “So this woman from the video, a composite of so many awesome over-40 women I know, is just very special to me. I know these women very well.”

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