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A mother’s choice

Photographs of Texan mother breastfeeding 3-year-old daughter cause stir online

By WITW Staff on April 4, 2016

Photographs taken by Mae Burke that feature Texas mother Chelsea Craig breastfeeding her two young daughters have generated a massive online response, not all of it positive. Burke, who specializes in motherhood photography, especially breastfeeding images, was asked by Craig to take photos of her and her girls, 3-year-old Addy and 16-month-old Emmilyn. When Addy began fussing during the shoot, Craig decided to stop quickly and nurse her and Emmilyn. Burke captured the moment, but when the photos went online they soon generated a wave of responses, and were featured on sites such as parenting blog KidSpot.

Craig says she’s surprised by the angry comments she’s received from online commenters who object to her breastfeeding her children so late. Craig told People she doesn’t consider herself a breastfeeding activist, but that she considers herself “a supporter of women’s rights and the choices that we make as moms.” She hadn’t planned on breastfeeding Addy for more than a year, she says, but she wanted to let her daughter decide when she is ready to stop. “I don’t know why people like to use a woman’s body to fuel negativity and debate,” says Craig, adding that she hopes the photos will be a positive proof of breastfeeding for those who need it.

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