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(Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

Pretty in pink

Female hunters outraged by new Wisconsin law legalizing blaze pink gear for hunting

By WITW Staff on April 2, 2016

Wisconsin recently became the first state to legalize blaze pink hunting gear, but advocates for women hunters are calling the pink agenda misguided and insulting. Colorado, New York, Minnesota and Louisiana are also considering bills to allow blaze pink as legal hunter color, a measure that lawmakers say provides hunters with another safe color option and could help recruit more women, who currently comprise just 11 percent of the hunting demographic, into the sport. Blaze pink is as safe, or safer, than blaze orange according to experts.

Sarah Ingle, president of the Women’s Hunting and Sporting Association in Wisconsin, has called the bill “demeaning,” arguing that “the bill’s authors missed an opportunity to ask women who are active with hunting what they felt other women needed to attempt the sport.” Kirstie Pike, founder of Próis, the only technical gear company created specifically for female hunters, agreed. “It’s like putting clothing out in baby blue and saying that men are going to hunt now,” she said. “Women get into hunting for the sake of hunting, not color.” Próis won’t make pink clothing, Pike added, even if blaze pink were to become legal for hunting nationwide.

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