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Megyn Kelly says a more disciplined Trump could be “so much more effective”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has some advice for her foremost tormenter, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump: Be more disciplined and you could be a “much more effective” candidate. Her remarks came in an interview with Charlie Rose for CBS Sunday Morning. The network played a preview of their conversation on Friday, during which Rose inquired with Kelly about her take on Trump as a candidate and how he’s lowered the level of discourse in presidential politics.

“I think this is where, you know, Trump, if he could pull himself back in, you know, just somewhat, would be so effective,” Kelly told Charlie Rose. “He’s already been so effective. He could be so much more effective.” Watch the full interview above. Rose pressed Kelly on whether Trump, after all of the nasty things he’s said about her, would still be welcome on her show.

Rose also asked what Kelly what she thinks was the real cause behind Trump’s wrath toward her. Kelly said she doesn’t think it stems from her opening question at the first Republican debate in August. “I think it’s very clear to him that he cannot control the editorial [direction] on my show or from me in a debate or other setting.” Of course, things weren’t always so contentious between the Fox News star and Trump. Just four years ago, Trump was praising Kelly’s debate moderating prowess.

And speaking of other settings, we’re looking forward to Megyn Kelly appearing onstage with us at the opening night of the 7th Annual Women in the World Summit in New York City on Wednesday, April 6. You can check out the full agenda here and buy tickets for the event right here.


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