Egyptian feminist remains resilient as state investigation begins

The executive director of Egypt’s Nazra for Feminist Studies is under investigation by state authorities who allege that the group has been operating illegally, but Mozn Hassan told The Guardian that she remains resilient in the face of a summons. “Other people will carry on the work,” she said. Hassan’s first hearing was scheduled for Tuesday but postponed, The Guardian reported.

“I have this passion about feminism in my country. I know it sounds cheesy, but there is something about Nazra. It’s not about [one] person – we’ve really managed to have this collective,” she said. “If they want me, better to take me than the rest of the team.”

Hassan was ordered to appear before Egypt’s authorities while in New York for a two-week long series of meetings for the Commission on the Status. Forty-three women’s rights organizations came together on Monday to denounce the “escalating targeting of civil society organizations in Egypt,” noting Hassan and Nazra specifically. “The Egyptian state should be taking all measures necessary to acknowledge the important and pivotal work,” the groups wrote. “Hassan conducts in the advancement of women’s rights, provision of support services for survivors of sexual violence and a feminist discourse that is against all forms of violence and extremism.”

Another letter signed by 130 academics was also released in support of Hassan. Nazra is being targeted by authorities for its NGO status, which they claim received funding from overseas illegally.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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