All-American university swimmer found guilty of raping unconscious woman

Brock Turner swimming for Stanford in 2015. (stanfordphoto.com)

A jury found Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner guilty this week of three felony counts for raping an unconscious woman, in a case in which the prosecutors called the accused, 20, the “face of campus sexual assault.”

In January 2015, freshman swimmer Turner was found on top of an unmoving woman, then 22 and blacked out, outside of a fraternity house on Stanford’s campus by two men riding bikes. Covered in blood with pine needles in her hair, she regained consciousness three hours later in the hospital, where her blood alcohol content was found to be three times the legal limit and a police officer told her she may have been assaulted. It was while she was using the bathroom that she noticed that her underwear was missing, which is “when it hit me that what the deputy talked about was real and I was scared,” she testified in court. The woman was visiting her sister on campus from Palo Alto, where she had just graduated from UC Santa Barbara.

Brock Turner (stanfordphoto.com)

Brock Turner (stanfordphoto.com)

“Turner may not look like a rapist, but he is the … face of campus sexual assault,” prosecutor Alaleh Kinerci said during closing arguments.

Once a champion swimmer, Turner now faces 10 years in prison and must register as a sex offender for his felonies that include sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object and assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman.

Read the full story at The Stanford Daily.

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