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Africa’s answer to ‘Sex and the City’ shows Ghanaian women talking about and having lots of sex

Five fashionable women with high powered careers, living in a major city, looking for love and having lots of sex. Sex and the City, this is not. It’s An African City, the Ghanaian YouTube series that follows Nana Yaa, a denim-clad, successful young journalist returning to Ghana for the first time after growing up and launching her career in New York City. Nana Yaa and her best friends, Ngozi, Makena, Sade, and Zainab represent Africa’s 1 percent: highly-educated, with wealth and family connections and the freedom to date and sleep with whomever they please. The series takes its cues from its American cousin, but is written by Ghana native Nicole Amarteifio, who told NPR she wanted to show something beyond the typical African narrative of poverty, war, or famine.

Amarteifio launched the show with $75,000 of her own savings, and has now licensed it to networks in Africa for season 2. But some of her biggest fans ar Ghanaians who have found themselves, like Amarteifio, trying to bridge the gap between their native homes and their new lives in America.

“I felt that they couldn’t really relate to Nollywood,” says Amarteifio of Africa’s film hub in Nigeria. “But there was a lot about Hollywood they could relate to, so that gap between Nollywood and Hollywood, I was trying to fill it for that audience.”

Read the full story at NPR.

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