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Brutal killing of girl in Taiwan has mothers, lawmakers concerned over escalating attacks on children

People pray at a makeshift memorial where a girl was found decapitated in Taipei. (Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images)

Shock and anger poured into the streets of Taipei Monday after news spread that a man in his 40s had attacked a young child in broad daylight with a cleaver earlier that afternoon, decapitating her as she rode her bicycle just feet away from her mother. Schools were put on alert on Tuesday and police officers guarded a school where the man was believed to have been going when he attacked the girl. It was the third random attack against children in the past four years, and part of a string of attacks mainly committed by young men that have shaken Taiwan. The country has been rated the second safest place in the world in the past, and has been badly shaken by the violence.

“A mother couldn’t protect her child even though she was standing right near her. How can we feel assured that our children will be safe?” Lindy Wang, a mother of three, asked the BBC.

Legislators immediately called for stricter laws for those who kill children, requiring those convicted of such crimes to be sentenced to death.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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