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(Courtesy Angela Gallo)


Photographer fights social media censorship of “explicit” birth photos

By WITW Staff on March 26, 2016

Angela Gallo is an Australian-based doula and photographer who is using her photography to show the truth and beauty of childbirth — but found herself an unexpected foe: social media. She is one strike away from having her Facebook account suspended, and was already banned from Instagram (where she had 8,000 followers) for photos that these websites deemed too explicit, or even pornographic. “We have been doing this since the beginning of time, it’s not a big deal, it’s bulls***,” she told VICE in an interview.

While she admits that “not everybody wants to see boobs and vaginas on their timelines,” she believes a compromise should be possible: “Even cesarean birth images are getting banned because they’re ‘explicit acts of violence and aggressiveness.’ Censoring is really symptomatic of a system that needs addressing in general, where porn is more normal than birth, but birth is called porn.”

Gallo says she wants to continue using visual art as a platform to produce very honest accounts of birth – and is working on a photo book and online campaign for that reason — but feels she has hit a brick wall with social media. “I cannot do what I actually wanted to do because every image is getting flagged,” she said. “Still, I do not want to lose my account, as it is a very important place to discuss things with people, but I know I have to do it from a different angle, I can’t rely on Instagram or Facebook to support this message.”

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