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Woman marries anonymous sperm donor, the father of her daughter

Aminah Hart, Scott Anderson and their daughter, Leila, on their wedding day. (Facebook)

In a story that amounts to a modern-day fairytale, an Australian woman has married the man whose anonymous sperm donation led to the birth of her daughter. Aminah Hart, an advertising executive, has now chronicled this most unusual of love stories in a new book titled How I Met Your Father. Hart, now 46, arrived at this unlikely outcome after experiencing some of the deepest heartbreak a woman can feel — the loss of two babies. She’d given birth to one son, Marlon, years ago with a previous husband, but he died at just four months old due to a rare genetic condition known as x-linked myotubular myopathy. A couple of years later, she gave birth to another son, Louis, fathered by a former partner. Louis also died tragically at just 14 months old, due to the same genetic disorder.

Hart, then 42, was despondent and worried she might never have a chance to give birth again, so she turned to a new method: IVF using the sperm of an anonymous donor. “I did set out to have a family the conventional way,” Hart told The Daily Mail in an interview, adding, “I would have never been looking for a sperm donor or thought to go through IVF to have a baby on my own.” She said the book is not only a chronicle of her incredible love story, but a tribute to her two late sons, whose lives were cut short, tragic fates that set her on a path to a healthy daughter and true love.

So, there was Hart, looking over the medical histories and genetic profiles of three anonymous donors. “One of them stood out to me,” Hart recalled in an interview two years ago with Australia’s ABC TV. “He said that he was happy and that he was hard-working, that he was down-to-earth. And it [his donor profile] said he had four healthy children.” Hart was also moved by the fact that the potential donor was a cattle farmer. “Salt of the earth,” she thought to herself, and decided to go with him.

On August 14, 2012, a healthy baby Leila was born. Hart said she was overjoyed to be a mother and relieved that Leila was healthy, but worried that her little girl would miss out on an important aspect of life growing up without a father. That’s when her mother stepped in and tracked down the sperm donor, who had indicated in his donation paperwork that he would be open to meeting future children conceived through his donations.

That man was Scott Andersen. Hart and Andersen decided to meet in-person just after Leila’s first birthday. When they finally came face to face, the two quickly fell in love and became an item. In December of 2015, the two tied the knot in a quiet and picturesque ceremony on a beach near Melbourne, the wedding photos a testament to the unique and happy family Hart, Andersen and Leila have become.

“It is incredibly random that two people who wouldn’t have met under different circumstances were brought together through a child that was created through sperm donation,” Hart mused about her “back to front” romance. “The attraction between us would have been there if we had the chance to meet but when or where that would have happened without Leila is a mystery.”

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.

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