Culture shock

Marines to undergo sensitivity training in preparation for female integration

Female Marine Corps recruits. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Marine Corps commandant General Robert B. Neller has laid out a campaign, the “Marine Corps Force Integration Campaign,” to impose a “cultural change” and prepare ground combat units for integration of women into infantry, armor, and artillery units. Included is a new curriculum of sensitivity training that includes courses such as, “Unconscious Bias,” which, “[p]rovides an understanding of the concept of cognitive bias, awareness of one’s own cognitive bias via a performance-based exam, and cognitive bias mitigation techniques.”

The Marines have been hesitant to accept female integration, and others, such as Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, worry that the Marines will not be able to maintain a merit-based system in the face of “political pressures to meet equal opportunity goals.” For now, however, physical standards will remain in place, and the plan warns that while “integration provides equal opportunity for men and women who can perform the tasks required; it does not guarantee women will fill these roles in any specific number or at any set rate.” Currently the scenario sees about 200 women entering direct ground combat units annually, making up about 2 percent of all land combatants.

Read the full story at The Washington Times.

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