Winning out west

General election in mind, Clinton pivots to attacking Trump in victory speech

Hillary Clinton speaks in Seattle on March 22, 2016. (David Ryder/The New York Times)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Democratic and Republican frontrunners in the 2016 presidential race, seem to be a on crash course to meet in the general election this fall. The two candidates each won their respective Arizona primaries, the top prize in what was dubbed “Western Tuesday” by the media. Ted Cruz won the Utah Caucus on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders won Utah and the Idaho Caucus on the Democratic side. But the big delegate numbers were at stake in Arizona, which is why Clinton went on the attack in her victory speech in Seattle, Washington, late Tuesday night. Anticipating Trump as her adversary in the general election, Clinton quickly pivoted her remarks away from her big win in the Grand Canyon State to addressing Trump’s incendiary rhetoric made in response to the terror attacks in Brussels that left more than 30 dead and at least 270 injured.

“The last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear,” Clinton told supporters during her speech. “In the face of terror, America doesn’t panic. We don’t build walls or turn our backs on our allies,” alluding to Trump’s repeated promise to build a huge wall along the Mexico-U.S. border. Clinton didn’t stop there. She went on to scold Trump for being a “demagogue” who is routinely “inciting bigotry and violence” and resorting to “bullying behavior” over solutions-based ideas. And at that point, she was just getting warmed up. Clinton had much more to criticize Trump over beyond his foreign policy positions and she did just that, providing a glimpse of the drama that might unfold later this year if the two end up squaring off.

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