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Djokovic apologizes, clarifies comments about gender pay equity in tennis

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Tennis powerhouse Novak Djokovic has apologized via Facebook for suggesting male tennis players should be paid more than female players because they attract greater ticket sales and TV viewership. Djokovic, who currently ranks as the world’s best male tennis player on the ATP tour, wrote that “euphoria and adrenaline after the win on Sunday got the best of me,” and that his comments on equal pay for male and female tennis players had been misconstrued. “This was never meant to be made into a fight between genders and differences in pay,” he wrote, “but in the way all players are rewarded for their play and effort.”

While apologetic, it appeared that Djokovic wasn’t entirely backing off his original premise, in which he suggested that men fight for a system in which prize money be “fairly distributed” based off of who “attracts more attention, spectators, who sells more tickets and stuff like that.” Djokovic’s comments came in the wake of the scandal caused by Raymond Moore, CEO of a prestigious tennis tournament in Indian Wells, California, who has since resigned after saying that female players “ride on the coattails” of the men.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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