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Baptist high school guidance counselor dons hijab in solidarity with American Muslims

Martha DeVries (screen grab via Youtube)

Martha DeVries says she began wearing a hijab to work because she is a “follower of Jesus.”

A guidance counselor at a high school in Kansas City, Missouri, DeVries is a devout Baptist, and is married to a Baptist youth minister. She says her deeply-held Christian beliefs helped inform her decision to wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslims and to take a stand against Islamaphobia.

“I do believe that I am called to live out His message. I believe that the most important commandment is ‘love God and love others,'” DeVries told Religion News Service.

“I’ve just gotten very tired of hearing so many negative things, like Donald Trump’s ‘let’s not let Muslim immigrants into the United States’ and the scare on Syrian refugees,” she told Baptist News Global.

DeVries said that she thought Christians had become too quick to “bash” Muslims, and that she wanted Muslims in the community to know she thought of them as neighbors. She said she thought Muslim students at DeVries’s high school had been appreciative of the gesture and that she hopes to show Muslims that there are Christians in this country who love them.

Read the full story at The Christian Post.


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